Toccata from BWV 540

Toccata from BWV 540

from: J.S. Bach - Organ Music - Miscellaneous

Originally in F major, transposed here to C. Contains a few high F#’s that are not too difficult and in the keyboard part several high D’s. According to Richard Taruskin the Toccata is the "distilled residue" of "thrillingly experimental keyboard improvisations" and such "eruption(s)" as the "crushing disruptive force" of the chord in m. 204 make "the final attainment of the tonic seem an inspiring virtually herculean achievement." From The Oxford History of Western Music Volume 2 (2005), p. 216. Slight revision 10.30.15.

Keyboard parts include separate recorder parts at no additional cost.

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  • Recorder & Keyboard part, 12+4 pp.
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